Anna Tchaykovskaya — Ukrainian multi-genres singer. Graduating the Jazz Department of the Consrvatoire of Donetsk in 2004, Anna started to work with leading musicians of the Ukraine. In 2003, together with the group  «Схiд-Side», she became a laureate of the First Prize at the DoDj Festival. She took part in a number of projects of the prominent Ukrainian rock group «Ocean of Elzi». In 2005, Anna made acquiantance with Ephim Chupakhin, a piano player from Kharkov, and the «Acoustic Quartet» band, with which she released 2 music albums. In 2009, the album «OljnDvir» was issued; it was created by Tchaykovskaya and a Georgian poet and composer Irina Kudriashova; and in 2015, Anna issued another album, «Krosna», based on the Ukrainian folklore in the original jazz interpretation. At the same time Anna moved to Sankt-Petersburg where she established creative contacts with such famous musicians, as Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky and Vladimir Volkov, as well as some others. A challenging declaration of the singer — «I sing what I like and in the way I desire» — seems natural and logical at the moment when Anna appears at the stage. Airy, musical, artistic, she is melting jazz, folklore, classical music, and improvisation into her own individual manner.