Anna Tchaykovskaya is a Russian singer of Ukrainian origin, succesfully joining cultural spaces of both countries. Graduating the Jazz Department of the Consrvatoire of Donetsk in 2004, Anna started to work with leading musicians of the Ukraine. In 2003, together with the group  «Схiд-Side», she became a laureate of the First Prize at the DoDj Festival. She took part in a number of projects of the prominent Ukrainian rock group «Ocean of Elzi». In 2005, Anna made acquiantance with Ephim Chupakhin, a piano player from Kharkov, and the «Acoustic Quartet» band, with which she has been working till now. In 2009, the album «OljnDvir» was issued; it was created by Tchaykovskaya and a Georgian poet and composer Irina Kudriashova; and in 2015, Anna issued another album, «Krosna», based on the Ukrainian folklore in the original jazz interpretation. In Petersburg, Anna Tchaykovskaya established creative contacts with such famous musicians, as Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky, Andrey Kondakov, and Vladimir Volkov, as well as some others. Step by step, she has built her own image and style. A challenging declaration of the singer — «I sing what I like and in the way I desire» — seems natural and logical at the moment when Anna appears at the stage. Airy, musical, artistic, she is melting jazz, folklore, classical music, and improvisation into her own individual manner.